Ya no me busques más

Notes from NYC: Ok, so Flatiron Lounge bar staff was the most fun. The Prize Fighter and The Jungle Bird were my two favorite cocktails (Yes, I realize I am late to the JB party, its apparently a new ...

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Me No Like No

Title Track: On one hand, I can find some perverse joy in watching Michelle Obama come to a conservative minded solution, only to see it attacked from the left, as sexist. ** ...

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Picture 1

Two years and the silicosis takes hold

Enough with the politics, lets talk about something we all agree on, vacuum cleaners. Before we moved in, but after we laid down the carpet, I used what will soon be our nursery to carve stones for a ...

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a goddamn coward, but then again so are you

Bill Maher makes my skin crawl. But I found myself rooting for him last night. After having the very cool Maajid Nawaz* on he went to his panel section and complained that not enough liberals stand ...

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Saved these words for you

 Sports Blogs are probably my #1 Guilty pleasure. I believe sporting interest, like gravity, should decrease exponentially the further away from the actual game you get. However, writing as awesome ...

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Sleeping is giving In

Ray Donovan is good but instead of punctuating its manifesto of the inevitability of human failing with humor, if punctuates it with slick machismo . This, combined with a slew of tropes seemingly ...

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